One of the top cities in all of Canada is Vancouver, British Columbia. Ask any Sutton mortgage or real estate agent what some of the top Canadian destinations are for people in terms of buying real estate and they will always mention Vancouver at the top. In addition to cities like Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, Vancouver is right there at the top with all of them. There are probably more variable mortgage Canada loans being given out in Vancouver than any other city. People want to live in Vancouver which is why so many of them flock to the city.

Why is that? It's because Vancouver has so much to offer. The first thing you will notice is the beautiful scenery in Vancouver. It doesn't matter where you go, be it Deep Cove, Kitsilano, or downtown Granville, you will see something that catches your eye. It would be hard not to! If you know anyone that has been taking a real estate training program in Vancouver you've probably heard them rave about all the mountains, beaches, and parks in and around the Vancouver area. You can spend all day sightseeing and never be bored.

Vancouver is also a very multi-cultural city which means so many different restaurants that cater to different ethnicities. That means you can try cuisines such as Indian food, Chinese food, Thai food, Italian, Bosnian and French, just to name a few. Vancouver is also home to a very inclusive vegan community. So if you find yourself in a current health kick, you will have your choices of places to eat in Vancouver. Such as The Naam Restaurant and The Foundation. They are both great places to spend your EI refund Canada cheque at.

Another thing that Vancouver has going for it is its vibrant arts community. Whether you're an actress, painter, artist, director, musician, producer or dancer, you will find a place to call home in Vancouver. There are just so many different projects going on in and around the arts community in Vancouver. Plays, movies, TV show tapings, art showings and musicals are just a few of the things you'll find going on in Vancouver.

If you don't live in Vancouver yet then it might be time to start drawing up some house plans. How could you not want to live in Vancouver after what we mentioned Vancouver has to offer? At the very least you should take a vacation to Vancouver.

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