Originally known as Greer's Beach, Kitsilano Beach is now definitely one of the most popular places to be in Vancouver during the summer months. Here you can enjoy all of the best sights of this beautiful city, as the view spans from Stanley park, to the North Shore mountains, and out into the ocean. If you're taking a break from working on a tough class action lawsuit Canada's lawyers will be talking about for decades or are on a break from school, this is the place to go.

Kits Beach is along the Seaside Seawall and includes such features as an oceanfront heated outdoor pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a swimming raft. While this is known as the beach for teens and twenty-somethings, you will see everyone here from people visiting from Toronto lofts to families playing Frisbee and making sand castles. This is the perfect place to spend a summer day and you can even transition into the evening by having dinner at one of the premier restaurants along the water.

Because of all of the green space and the weather in Vancouver, this is definitely one of the most active cities in the country when it comes to sports and being outside. You can definitely take advantage of this when you're visiting Kits Beach, whether you want to start a volleyball game on the sound or want to go out for a jog. There is even a new sport that is becoming popular - beach ice hockey. Even those working in search engine optimization Ontario couldn't find anything more Canadian then this!

You will see people here taking their lunch break every day in the hottest months or those taking part in one of the many events that are hosted here. There are some events that even attract people from as far away as Toronto real estate. KitsFest is BMX and skate park. This is really one place in the city where anyone could have a perfect day. You could try to make something that looks like FramedCanvasArt.ca print or could bring a romantic picnic lunch for two. The beach has a lifeguard on duty every day from May through to the beginning of September and is accessible by a number of different public transportation routes. This is definitely something to see in Vancouver if you're visiting or have lived here all your life.

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